Sylas Arrives in Vindictus

Vindictus' latest content update brings Sylas, a new character equipped with magical daggers, along with a new store, winter maps, holiday events and rewards for those who sign up in December. Regarding the new hero, Sylas is a powerful mage with quick abilities that can use phantom blades as both shield and attack weapons. Check out the trailer to see the new and ruthless phantom mage in action.

The new store will only accept AP as currency, which players can earn by completing dungeons and raids. This store will give players the opportunity to purchase numerous items, but only a certain number of transanctions per day or week will be allowed.

Those who sign up in December, will receive rewards every day during 28 days from the date of registration. In addition, players can now participate in holiday events to obtain various rewards as well.

If you want to know more about Vindictus, click on the "Info" button below.

Source: Nexon Press Release.

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