SWTOR unveils the new Huttball PvP Warzone


The next 2.7 update of Star Wars the Old Republic will bring a totally new PvP Huttball warzone and today we take a look at it.

This new pit is a totally different layout from the original Huttball map. It features verticality (players need to climb up structures) and has much deadlier traps.


It's setup as an upside down pyramid: the hutt-ball stands at the apex and the end zones, at the base. There are acid pipes all around the map and throughout the ground, players will find grappling blasters, which they can use to propel to the level above. Players interact with the magnetic grapple blaster tables to quickly move to the next level. Using the magnetic grapple blaster tables also grants an immunity buff for a limited time to “ballistic effects” such as pushes, pulls and knockdowns, but players with this buff are also unable to hold the Huttball.


Definitely it's something PvP players will enjoy.


Source of information: EA/Bioware press release


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