Survivor Legacy in R2Games

Survivor Legacy in R2Games
Survivor Legacy in R2Games

Game developer and publisher GameHollywood announces that Survivor Legacy, a real-time war strategy browser free-to-play game developed by GameHollywood and co-released by R2games you can play de game here on our website, is launched on Facebook and official website! Players will become the savior, step into the post-apocalyptic world, find other survivors and start a new human civilization.

GameHollywood and R2games have worked closely together to create a game placed in a zombie wasteland with a combination of survival and strategy gameplay. Players will need to use their wits, manage territories, recruit heroes, train team captains and become more powerful in order to protect humanity from the zombie hordes.

In Survivor Legacy, we will be able to play in a future where the player is enlisted to a space mission under the name 'Pioneer’ in order to find a new home for humanity to thrive. But suddenly, you are called back home to deal with an unexpected threat: a virus has spread through your home planet, civilization is crumbling, zombie hordes attack cities… there might be nothing left to save if you don’t come back now. You decide to come back to Earth and help humanity to fight for their home instead of finding a new one.


Source: GameHollywood - R2Games - Survivor Legacy Free to Play MMORTS

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