Supremacy 1914 The Great War Starter Pack Promotion

Starter Pack Supremacy 1914 The Great War
Supremacy 1914 - The Great War - Starter Pack Promotion

Bytro Labs GmbH and offer to the new users for Supremacy 1914 this giveaway, will start today for all the new users use our link since the 17th of Febuary 2019.

Dear Generals,

With the latest big update Supremacy 1914 received we have a very special promotion for you!

Play Supremacy 1914 now and make sure to claim your exclusive starter pack for free. This gift will award you 15.000 Gold in-game-currency that you can utilize to get a head start in the game.The value is 15€ / 15$.

It is used in order to shorten building, recruitment times as well as you can boost you countries morale so your fans can cheer even louder and you have more quality time to watch the World Cup and to support your national team!

The starter pack will be awarded upon successful registration to Supremacy 1914. The promotion content is available for new players only.

The value of this pack for Supremacy1914 is 15 Euros.

Step 1. Never miss a giveaway by following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Step 2. Head to Supremacy 1914 in order to create a new account. The pack will be credited after finishing the tutorial.

Starter Pack Supremacy 1914 US
Starter Pack Supremacy 1914 US

Source Bytro Labs - Supremacy 1914

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