Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures is now available for Mac

SOE and LucasArts today announced that Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures is now available for Macintosh Platform users. Mac players who log in today will experience the Star Wars holiday season: the Orto Plutonia for Life Day, which brings a host of holiday decorations to the virtual world. Players can collect Life Day Orbs from around the Jedi Temple for rewards or wear Life Day Robes and collect presents from the Gifting Tree. Clone Trooper nutcrackers, Clone Snowtrooper outfits, Droid garland and many more festive items will also be available for purchase in the Marketplace.

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“The demand for game content on the Mac platform has increased significantly, and we are excited to bring our games to this growing audience,” said John Smedley, president of Sony Online Entertainment. “Through our collaboration with TransGaming, Mac and PC players are able to play together seamlessly on both Free Realms™ and now Clone Wars Adventures, and we will continue to look for opportunities with future games to do the same.”

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