Spiral Knights introduces a new PVP mode: King Krogmo’s Coliseum

SEGA unveils a new PvP mode for Spiral Knights, the retro-inspired multiplayer action-RPG.

Starting today, the brave knights can duel each other in a new arena under the gaze of King Krogmo. The winners of these intense battles can win awesome in-game prizes. In addition, to celebrate it, players who complete their first PvP battle, are going to be rewarded with the Spiral Bombhead Mask.


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A special package, consisting of Crystal Energy, unique costumes, and more, will be available for sale for a limited time.

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King Krogmo’s Coliseum is a vacation getaway for monsters all across the land, boasting a superb resort for fiends who wish to take a break from terrorizing the adventurous knights of Haven. Within the Coliseum, knights from all over The Clockworks battle each other in action-packed duels, with the winners being rewarded special tokens called Krogmo Coins by King Krogmo himself.
In turn, these tokens can be used to claim rare and powerful prizes, which can be used either in the arena or in perilous dungeons.


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