Spanish Flyff players are going to enjoy Flyff V18: Anima Vitae the next November 29

Spanish players of Flyff will soon embrace the wonders of a new world with the release of Flyff V18: Anima Vitae the next November 29.

New mid-level dungeons, weapons, and a completely improved item drop system await those ready to take flight.

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Three new dungeons have been carefully designed to provide content for mid-level Flyffers yearning for more action. Epic battles for control of gilded ships against the vicious Silverwing Duchess are available to all mid-level adventurers, as are the quests that will help recapture the vessels and valuable weaponry from her perilous minions. Players can also slip into a dreamlike world of giant mushrooms in the Isles of Euphrasia or seek underwater treasures in the Coves of the Ancients.

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The rewards in these dungeons will also be more numerous and powerful thanks to the newly improved item drop system. Monsters everywhere will drop items scaled according to their difficulty, helping everyone achieve the armor and weaponry they have been longing for. Flyffers can now obtain the magnificent rewards they deserve for defeating these dungeons.

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