SoulWorker enters Open Beta

SoulWorker Free to Play Anime Action MMO
SoulWorker enters Open Beta

SoulWorker is coming to Europe and North America soon, next month ... yes March 2018. The publishers Gameforge and the developer Lion Games, can play in this Open Beta test - OBT, the players of these geo's can try out a action-ladem adventure ser in authentic cel-shaded graphics with rapid combat, all set on a post-apocalyptic stage.

SoulWorker can be played for FREE on here or Steam, is a extraordinary Anime Action MMO Game.

The SoulWorker OBT is the first and last hard stress test for gameplay and technical infrastructure before the official release. This all depends on the players: to ensure that final adjustments and improvements can be applied in time, player feedback during the beta test is required. For this, Gameforge asks the community for enthused assistance in the supply of error reports and suggestions for improvement, which will then be incorporated into the final version of SoulWorker in the greatest possible abundance. All who participate in the OBT will receive special beta rewards complete with some unique items as a thank you for the official release. This includes an exclusive character title, an outfit, special cards, bonus keycards and more.

SoulWorker’s Key Features:

● Action-laden cooperative gameplay for up to 4 players
● ‘Playable anime’ thanks to impressive cel-shaded animations
● Unique battle style with personalised combos
● Large PvE content with over 100 dungeons
● PvP zone for mass battles on an open battlefield
● Dark post-apocalyptic setting with a captivating story
● Four classes at launch

You can see the Gameplay trailer for SoulWorker

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