SoulWorker is Coming to Europe and North America

SoulWorker is Coming to Europe and North America


Gameforge has announced an agreement to publish Lion Games' free to play anime MMORPG SoulWorker in Europe and North America. Watch a cinematic trailer and gameplay trailer below.

SoulWorker is a free to play action MMORPG with cel-shading animations that feature third-person perspective, fast-paced combat, and the option to choose between keyboard/mouse and controller controls.

"I am pleased to finally accommodate the desires of players in Europe and North America with SoulWorker. There's plenty in SoulWorker to excite Anime fans in particular – we can hardly wait to get going with this hotly anticipated game", said Daniel Werner, Product Director for SoulWorker at Gameforge.

In SoulWorker every character has access to a certain special emotion, such as madness or revenge, that defines the class and the weapon. At launch there will be four different classes to choose from with a true Anime feel (Soulum Sword, Mist Scythe, Gun Jazz and Howling Guitar), housing, crafting, a huge open PvP area, and over 100 PvE dungeons with episodic final bosses.

Check out the videos for SoulWorker.

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