Soul Captor has released a new update named Qin’s Legacy

Gamania Digital Entertainment has released Qin's Legacy, the first of many updates for Soul Captor, .

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The update titled “Qin’s Legacy” will not only expand on the current storyline but will also introduce new gameplay systems, enemies and increases the level-cap to 50. In Qin’s Legacy, players can explore a wide range of dangerous new lands and get to complete numerous new quests, but only the bravest will seek out Emperor Qin, the ultimate boss who’s lurking in his eerie catacombs.

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Niall Callaghan, Product Manager at Gamania Digital Entertainment said: “We are delighted to bring players the first content update for Soul Captor and boy have we got a lot to offer them! All high level players will be glad to get their teeth into 5 new world zones with lots of new souls to capture as they start the ascent to level 50. We have several new daily quests including new PvP modes like Guild and Team Arena, and Sudden Death modes. Plus there’s a new Boss Tower Challenge that will keep your hearts racing as the bosses get harder and the prizes get bigger

“We are also introducing several new important gameplay mechanics such as the Cloud Points Trade System where players drive the economy and trade in-game gold for Cloud Points (the Item Mall currency). Also Cloud Point Services allow players a convenient one-click option for many useful game functions such as teleporting around the vast world of Soul Captor or cheating death in the heat of the battle. Then we have the Anima Express mini-game that’s a lot of fun and offers great prizes and new achievements.”

“Players can take on the ultimate challenge with the new storyline revolving around the devious Emperor Qin and his high level dungeon instance ‘Qin’s Chamber’. The amount of content is unbelievable and the developers at Seedo are already hard at work to provide players with even more Soul Captor goodness which we will announce soon. I am happy to say we have a very solid pipeline of content coming for Soul Captor in the future.”

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