Sony Online Entertaintment presents Dragon’s Prophet

Sony Online Entertaintment has announced a new free to play fantasy MMO, Dragon's Prophet. The game takes place in the world of Auratia, a Kingdom in which dragons are abundant, and in which players can capture, train, and ride their dragons.

Main features of the game:

  • Dragons: Dragons are the key feature of Dragon's Prophet. Be a part of this revolutionary MMO as you fight, capture, train and ride your own unique dragon.

  • Action-based combat: Dragon's Prophet uses a revolutionary auto-targeting system that gives players unprecedented control during the battles. The auto-targeting system improves on traditional MMO combat systems and offers players a wide range of tactical options.

  • Immersive World: Players feel like they are in the real world as they explore the world of Auratia. There are many mysteries and challenges to solve as players fight for the world's survival.

Source of information: Sony Online Entertaintment press release

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