Some new updates are coming to Star Supremacy

Barbily Games sci-fi browser mmo Star Supremacy has launched 2 updates to the game.

The update comes with the PvP Arena "Galaxy Overlord" and a feature in the current battle system that will allow players to control their defense fleets.

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In the Galaxy Overlord PvP arena, the more players you defeat, the higher rank you will get. The players can win Honor points in this new PvP arena.

In addition the update is implementing the Defender’s Battle Control, which will give the defenders the ability to be able to join in and control the battles.

In the later updates, more features will be added like the Honor Shop, which offers cheaper and special items, and Honor equipment set with special attributes. You can get all of these amazing items using Honor points.

Thomas Lu, Senior Business Director for Barbily, said that "not a lot of RTS games allow you to control your fleets in battle. Our new update will allow players to go into battle against NPC or other players and actually control their defense fleets. A lot of browser-based players love PvP arenas so we are very excited about this update release."

Thomas Watson, Public Relations Manager for Barbily, emphasized that "we do a lot of research and players aren't aware how much we put in to make sure we want to provide a game that they want to play. We read feedback about our game and see what players like and don't like. Players within the community and outside the community expect a lot and we want to meet expectations on a high level. The battle system and PvP arena update are just the beginning. We plan to update and release more features very soon. We expect Star Supremacy to be a leading sci-fi browser game for next year."

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