SNOW Goes Into Open Beta

After almost three years since launching on Early Access back in 2013, the free to play winter sports MMO SNOW enters Open Beta. The game moves into a new phase along with its update 0.7, introducing several improvements to multiplayer, bug fixes, in-game events and a redesign to the Replay UI.

Leveling has also been improved. Out of the 60 total levels there are currently 20 rewards (Credits or Drop Points) and Poppermost is planning to add more exclusive rewards.

The Replay Manager UI (for Rewind Mode and Replay Mode) has been redesigned. Now it's easier to use and includes a timeline.

Open Beta brings scaling servers in four different regions: US-West, US-East, Europe and Oceania. Multiplayer sessions should be more stable and responsive and there should be more available servers.

Watch the Open Beta launch trailer:

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Source: Poppermost press Release.

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