Snail Shows King of Wushu in Action

Snail Shows King of Wushu in Action


Last week, at the Nvidia Game Festival, Snail Games unveiled a new trailer for the upcoming martial arts themed new MOBA, King of Wushu. The video showcases the technical and graphical achievements of the game, developed with CryEngine, including dynamic clothing and hair, fluid character movements, and diverse weather systems with realistic lighting, as well as a sneak peek into the game play.

Watch it now:

King of Wushu a martial-arts themed MOBA developed with CryEngine. The game builds on experience of traditional fighting games by combining TPS perspective with fast-paced combat including aerial maneuvers, blocking, and dodging. It is planned to be a cross-platform MOBA, combining PC, Xbox One, mini-consoles and mobile into a single game server.

Very soon we'll have more information about this title, so stay tuned.

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