Snail Games Announces Ministry of War Expansion: The Arcadian Ladder

SNAIL GAMES announced today that all Ministry of War servers will be updated with the game's first expansion, The Arcadian Ladder, on February 11th. On that day, the servers will undergo a maintenance period from 01:00am EST to 05:00am EST, and will be reopened with The Arcadian Ladder expansion.

The Arcadian Ladder expansion is named after a massive 50-level battle instance which challenges Heroes to battle against progressively difficult Bosses which drop ever-more epic loot.

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Also, to celebrate the update, February 12th and 13th will be a "Double Exp Weekend" for all of Ministry of War. All Exp gained from battling in The Arcadian Ladder, the Arena, and World PvE and PvP battles will be doubled.

Also debuting in The Arcadian Ladder will be:

* A full-scale Auction House for players to buy, sell, and trade weapons, equipment, skills, and treasure.
* The Levers of Fortune: a server-wide slot machine which drops resources, building and research boost items, plus a chance to win rare Heroes.
* A new streamlined user interface (UI) to give Ministry of War players a wider view of the action and easier navigation around the enormous game world.

The Arcadian Ladder expansion also includes:

* Lightning Guard – A ferocious and rare new enemy that only the strongest Heroes will have the chance to destroy. Those lucky enough to survive the battle will be rewarded with Epic-level gear.
* Gear Forging – Gear can now be forged up to 10 levels, increasing the overall attributes of equipment at every level.
* Hero Monument – A new building which allows players to train special Tier 5 troops in every Age.
* Spectator View for Contested Zone Wars – Players can now observe other players’ Contested Zone (CZ) War battles in real-time.
* Online Time Rewards – Dedicated players will receive free resource bonuses for spending time online every day.
* Experience Capsules – Items equipped to Heroes which fill up with Exp gained in battle. Once full, they can be transferred to another Hero for an instant Exp boost.

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