Skyforge Unveils the Gunner Class

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A new class for Skyforge has been presented today: The Gunner, a long-range fighter who carries a massive transforming cannon. As one could expect, it comes with a gameplay trailer and some screenshots. Check them out!


Skyforge Gunner shot2 Skyforge Gunner shot1 Skyforge Gunner shot3

The huge cannon that this class uses is capable of taking on several firing modes, such as mini-gun, plasma rifle or missile launcher. While in the mini-gun mode, Gunner can decimate his enemies in a withering hail of bullets, but the cannon is prone to over-heating. However, if he switches to plasma rifle, this new version of the weapon consumes the built up heat to inflict massive damage to each target. And if he uses the third mode, missile launcher, the weapon will bet set on its base to rain down explosive rockets, providing the logest range of all the ranged classes in Skyforge.

Check the video to see this powerful cannon in action:



In addition to their transforming cannon, the Gunner has access to numerous cc abilities that can slow, stun and knock enemies down, enabling them to keep their enemies at a distance while playing solo.

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