Skyforge Enters Early Access on PlayStation 4

SkyForge Free2Play MMORPG
Skyforge Enters Early Access on PlayStation 4


Free to play MMORPG Skyforge is now available on PlayStation 4, as the game entered Early Access. The game will officially launch on April 11, but those who purchase an early access pack will be able to play starting now. This version features server support on both Europe and North America regions.

There are three different early access packs available on the PlayStation store:

- Early Adopters Pack
Early Access to Skyforge PS4
10,000 Argents (game currency)
7 days of Premium Subscription

- Rage of the Berserker
Early Access to Skyforge PS4
Berserker Class Unlock
20,000 Argents
30 days of Premium Subscription

- Wrath of the Gods
Early Access to Skyforge
Berserker Class Unlock
Gunner Class Unlock
Exclusive Glider mount
40,000 argents
60 days of Premium Subscription

Premium sub provides some bonuses and more rewards when finishing a mission.

Watch the new trailer:

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