Silkroad-R has been released today

Joymax, has released their new blockbuster title, Silkroad-R.

The newest iteration of the Silkroad family is its own game, with unique accounts and servers, and is as always completely free to download and play. To celebrate the game's successful launch, Joymax is featuring numerous events and promotions from now until February 7th.

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New players can join now for a chance to win Amazon Gift Cards by reaching level 30, 50, or 70 with randomly selected winners in February. This give-away is in addition to all the in-game items awaiting players, starting at level three and available every 4-6 levels. The first 100 players to hit this plateau will be gifted special Seals to upgrade their armor and weapons. These bonus items include amazing buffs like the Berserk Regeneration Potion, HP Increasing Scrolls, Skillpoint Scrolls, Pandora's Boxes.

"There's many aspects of Silkroad-R that we changed or improved based on user feedback, and we took a long time investigating the cash shop and evaluating each item." said Joymax CEO, Nam-chul Kim. "Players will find all the items they love in the cash shop, but every item has been buffed in some fashion, making the Silkroad-R cash shop the strongest yet!"

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