Silent Hunter Online: Ubisoft brings you underwater


Silent Hunter Online is an accurate submarine strategy simulation browser game that brings you in the deepest seas and gives you the control of one of the 10 playable authentic German submarines. The dev team is really proud of the work done recreating all the historically accurate boats, from the playable ones to the 20 AI-enemy ship types.

With the new Dynamic Campaign every individual success of every player will impact everyone on the server. The game features a new real-time gameplay and a co-op mode where friends can form a team, plan tactics and strategies and cooperate in order to complete a lot of different server-wide missions. And with the mission generator there is no worry about lack of contents, there will always be a lot of different missions to do featuring different modes and objective: Convoy Attack, Special Target Hunt, Reconnaissance and much more.

Also, thanks to the new Flash 11 technology, the game can run real time 3D battles directly in your browser without downloading any client.

Source of informations: Ubisoft press release.


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