Sho Online starts a special Giveaway

Sho Online with FREE MMORPG and MMO Reviews is giving away as a special event, 33 Large Golden Bar to whoever registers between June 1, 2011 and August 31, 2011.

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To get our gift you only have to register yourself in Sho Online HERE, send a message by clicking HERE with the title “Online OciGrup event free gift givaway” asking for 33 Lard Golden Bars. For example: “GM, please give me 33 Large Golden Bars.”
After checking the IP address, GMs will manualy give out 33 “Large Golden Bars”.
Item Discription
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Golden Bar
The item may be sold to merchants at a price of 9,900K mun, the game money in Sho Online. The money, then, may be used to purchase beginning items.

Extra Giveaways
Aside from the golden bars, 2 beginning packages, one for level 21~25 and the other for 41~45, will be given to all newly created characters.

Beginning Package Lv 21~25 will consist of two 2 hour 50% exp boost item, one small golden bar worth 50K mun, and two Beginning Slaughter House ticket.

Beginning Package Lv 41~45 will consist of two 2 hour 80% exp boost item, 300 50% power booster, and one 1 hour Strength Booster.

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