Shaiya is giving away 1000 starter packs (only for France)

Aeria Games with is giving away a Shaiya Newbie pack. (only for France)

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With the newbie cap you can pick every 12 hours one of the next items:

Etain Potion x 1 - Consumable potion that restores 75% of PV, PM, PE.

Rune Warehouse x 1 - Provides access to the warehouse for 5 minutes without having to contact the warehouse keeper.

Pierre basic XP x 1 - 1.5 times more XP for one hour, and the effect remains even after death. Effect can not be combined with other stones XP.

Fireworks of GM_Hamohn x 1 - Lance the most beautiful fireworks!

Extractor x 1 - Utilize this hammer to increase your chances of extracting a lapis.

Arkein Potion x 1 - Consumable potion that restores 100% of PV, PM, PE.

Repair Endurance x 1 - Repair instantly all equipped items.

Rune Unique Ground (Non-exchangeable) x 1 - In ultimate mode, allows your character to resurrect in the nearest town. Operation is automatic and unique.

To get your newbie pack you only have to enter here create and account and then put here your code.

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