Shaiya Halloween and Arenas

Shaiya Halloween and Arenas
Shaiya Halloween and Arenas

Gamigo announces that today fantasy MMOPRG Shaiya opens its doors to a new arena for PvP battles. And shouldn’t this offer enough excitement, then it’s also scary time in the new Halloween event.

The latest update offers the following:

• Halloween: Players will realize the spooky season has arrived when they learn that zombies and ghosts haunt several PvP maps. To deal with this supernatural infestation, they can go on quests and collect items by battling monsters and their bosses. These items can then be used to craft 'The Ignored Squire' wings, the 'The Fat Torturer' pet and the Rune of Transformation pet 'Snarler', all of these not available before.

• Players should also remember to check out Boltagate because a new dungeon has appeared there filled with increasingly powerful monsters that present a whole new challenge.

• Arenas: With the introduction of a new PvP system, matchmaking will now let groups of four players pit themselves against each other. Combatants will compete in a shiny new arena with different instances to earn points. The points achieved will be added up and show the team’s proficiency in a special ranking.

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Source of information: Gamigo press release Shaiya - Shaiya Halloween and Arenas

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