Shadowland Online has presented some new events that are coming for the next month

ZQgame has presented some events that are coming in the next month for Shadowland Online.

Starting on March 29 and for the duration of one week the dangerous Ossanal attack all the free land and the players will be called upon to defend their lands against this formidable opponent.

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In addition, a reward pack will be assured each day. Moreover, for any two gems that will be purchased from the item shop players will gain a third.

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The game is a social MMOFPS that combines fantasy with real history, set in a post-apocalyptic world called God’s Continent where humans fight for survival against the dark lich Ossanal and his undead army from another world.

The setting is a fantasy world full of dark shadowlands, where evil and holy magic are at odds with each other after being ravaged by the dark side.

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