SG Interactive releases Grand Chase: Rebirth

SG Interactive has released Grand Chase: Rebirth, the fifth season of the game. The update brings 3 new designs for the game characters Elesis, Lire and Arme, a fourth skill for each character job, and improvements to the existing user and character creation interface with increased resolutions, and optimized graphical icons.

The dungeon interface has been updated too and now give us information of that type of equipment we can find in each dungeon or what do you need to complete them.

For the last four years, our players have been very vocal on what they wanted to see in its coming update,” said Sunny Kim, producer of Grand Chase for SG Interactive. “With the launch of Rebirth, gamers can see advancements in three of the most popular characters, both visually and in gameplay.

While I can’t tell you about everything that’s coming with Grand Chase: Rebirth, I can say that these updates included at our launch are just the tip of the iceberg,” Kim added.

Source of information: SG Interactive press release.

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