Seven days of events in 4story

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Starting from tomorrow through next Monday, 4Story will bring in fabulous events. Fascinating rewards are waiting for grab of all new visitors with consecutive events starting from 21th September through over the weekend. This would be the chance for you to be a star of the community and be a hero faster than anybody in the game with first hands on-opportunity against various event gifts. Rewards consist of highly upgraded weapon and armors, gold, cash items and unpredictable mystery boxes of popular items. Join 4story and retrieve your luck.

Monster Spawn event (Everyday, 20:00~20:30 21st/Sep~26th/Sep (PST))

Race to level 30 event (Period: 21st/Sep~ 27th/Sep 7 days (PST))
How: the first 20 players who reach level 30 will get special reward!
Reward: Honor Package (2,999G)

Tuesday, Wednesday (21th~22nd/Sep)
2X option transfer event for 48 hours

Thursday (23rd/Sep)
2X Enchant Event for 24 hours

Friday (24th/Sep)
2X Rare Enchant Event 24 hours

Lucky event (08:30~09:00)
GM will be looking for a particular person, be a lucky person on the day. “EX) GM is looking for a level 68 human Archer, if you are, please come to the main castle”
Reward: Treasure box X3

Copy-Cat Event (09:00~10:00)
Group a full party! GM will ask you a particular emoticon. If your party makes a same motion all together, you win the game. The party that made the most wins will get the reward.
Reward: Treasure Box X10 per person in the party.

Guild party Tournament (10:00~11:00)
Which the strongest guild is in 4Story? Group a full party with your best members and send the list to 1:1 for the event. The winning group will get 30,000 guild merit and 4 each god’s treasures.

Monster soccer event! (09:00~10:00)
Group a 7 member party for soccer event. The final winners will get +11 national flag cloak. 4Parties will join the soccer event.

GM tournament betting event! (10:00~11:00)

GMs will have individual tournament. Bet on your favorite GM and with your luck.

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