Nadirim screenshots

  • Nadirim has unveiled its upcoming content update, titled The Great Spring
  • Twisted Tribe has unveiled a major content update to their F2P browser game Nadirim. In the new content update, titled "The Great Spring", the players can hire Djinns, Lions, Girtabs and other epic creatures as companions to aid them in battles against common enemies or fellow adventurers....
  • The oficial launch of Nadirim is going to be the next 7th of november
  • Twisted Tribe has announced that the Open Beta of the multiplayer browser game Nadirim is nearing its end, and the official launch is going to be the next 7th of November. Set in an Arabian Nights-like theme, filled with djinns and magic, Nadirim opens up a huge open fantasy world to explore...


One Comment - "New version of Nadirim"

  1. Shu June 18, 2018 at 9:34 PM -

    I miss playing Nadirim. It got me thru my unemployment. But what I also found was a beautiful game with lots of helpful players online. I’ve never found another game quite it.

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