S4 League Dark Lightning receives today a new update

Burda:ic, has launched today the latest update for S4 League.

This new update for the Dark Lightning expansion presents two new weapons: the Shootingstar Spark Rifle and Shockwave Gun, as well as a new in-game event which offers additional PEN when spending PEN during the event window.

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The Shootingstar Spark Rifle, a popular fan favorite, is now available as a G’s Capsule. This short-ranged automatic rifle delivers massive energy hits and is great for close-up skirmishes, but loses accuracy when fighting enemies long distance, giving players a tougher time with opponents positioned further away. Additionally, the new Shootingstar Spark Rifle provides users with permanent Force Pack Stats and with the purchase of a G’s capsule, players have the chance of obtaining either the standard Spark Rifle (1 – 30 days), event coupons, eSper chips (to boost the reload speed), or up to 100.000 PEN.

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Also available in the weapon cache is the Shockwave Gun, a brand-new Dark Lightning weapon that shoots sparks with a circulating thunderbolt, and is guaranteed to shock all enemies with fear. Players that login within the next 7 days will be able to acquire this gun for free.
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Finally, S4 League is currently hosting a PEN spender discount event, where players are rewarded with discounts for spending PEN over the next couple weeks, so be sure to act fast and take advantage of this limited-time special promo.

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