Rusty Hearts reveals a new launch trailer

Perfect World Entertainment has announced that Rusty Hearts Closed Beta Testing has started.

With thousands of new registrations on launch day itself and the need to scale up our servers, Rusty Hearts is now Perfect World Entertainment's most popular closed beta launch turnout to date.

"Within a few hours after launch, our servers reached max capacity and we had to scale up the servers in order to accommodate the flood of players," said Mark Hill, Game Producer for Rusty Hearts. "It was an exciting day to see the overwhelming response of players dedicated to Rusty Hearts. Now, we will strongly take into consideration player feedback to ensure that the game is fully ready for its wide release."

All players with a registered beta key can now hack and slash their way through grueling dungeons and battle an army of vampires, skeletal monsters, and bosses. Rusty Hearts also unveiled a new launch trailer to showcase the intense gameplay and fight scenes that players will encounter in the closed beta.


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