Rusty Hearts has announced its second update, Cells of Darkness, and has presented some game accomplishments

Perfect World Entertainment Inc., has presented today a Rusty Hearts infographic detailing various in-game accomplishments.

Alongside these in-game achievements, Perfect World Entertainment announces the release of expanding content to Rusty Hearts titled Cells of Darkness. The second major content update since Rusty Hearts' September launch, Cells of Darkness features a new and unconventional pet system, increased level cap, fiercer dungeons, an underground training facility and much more.

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Since Rusty Hearts launched just two months ago, players have slain over 532 million foes and logged almost two million hours of gameplay.

Some statistics from the infographic include:

• 9.7 million -- Dungeons Run
• 14.3 Million -- Quests Attempted
• 587,550 -- Heroes Slain
• 485,038 -- Heroes Resurrected
• 532 Million -- Kills
• 1.4 Million -- Duels
• 703,511 -- Weapons Enchanted
• 2,787,401 -- Skills Learned
• 11 Trillion -- Gold Spent
• Angela -- Most Played Character

To celebrate the in-game achievements of Rusty Hearts' community and the Cells of Darkness content release, all new and existing players can take advantage of choice free offerings and bonuses. Log into Rusty Hearts from now until 5:00 p.m. Pacific on Friday, November 11, and be rewarded with double XP to level faster.
Players may also enter a new 3D giveaway by logging into the game from now until November 20, for a chance to win a complete 3D setup to experience the game in a whole new way. The $799 3D makeover includes: 1 NVIDIA EVGA GeForce GTX 560 graphics/video card ($199.99), 1 NVIDIA 3D Vision Wireless Glasses Kit ($149.99), and 1 Alienware OptX™ AW2310 3D monitor ($449).

"Our Rusty Hearts community is amazing. Only two months post-launch and we're already seeing very impressive in-game stats that speak to their enthusiasm," said Mark Hill, Game Producer, Perfect World Entertainment. "And, just two months from launch, we're shipping our second major content update. Cells of Darkness is out now and expands Rusty Hearts with new content and features. We can't wait to see what achievements our community hits tomorrow."

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