Rushwar Launches Tomorrow


Rushwar, upcoming Lekool's browser-based empire-building MMORTS, is launching tomorrow, August 15, at 8:00 PM (PST). In this game, set in the Medieval times, players start with a small town and must gradually build it up into a thriving city-state.

It features real-time construction and military simulation. The basic goals are to build structures for your citizens and other buildings that enable you to develop an army. It also has a detailed quest-guide system, which helps players grow and guides them on how to proceed in the game.


Rushwar screenshots 8 Rushwar screenshots 1 Rushwar screenshots 2 Rushwar screenshots 3 Rushwar screenshots 4 Rushwar screenshots 5 Rushwar screenshots 6 Rushwar screenshots 7


If you are interested in this game, soon enough we'll publish a profile, so stay tuned!

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