RuneScape presents its updates for May

RuneScape reveals the updates planned for May including new capes, death caps and the Fremennik Sagas content

Go with the flow in May with flowing capes of distinction and mining at the Lava Flow Mine. Behold players 'walking tall' with hats that morph depending on your Wilderness and Duel Arena kills, and hear even taller tales in the form of the Fremennik Sagas.

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Fremennik Sagas
Rounding off May will be the Fremennik Sagas. These will be a slightly new type of content – a mix of Dungeoneering and quests. They’re presented as a series of three replayable stories, as told by a cursed Fremennik going by the name of Skaldrun...and you’ll get to relive them! You’ll take control of and experience first-hand the lives of some of Daemonheim’s denizens and those who have struggled to uncover the secrets of its depths.

Dwarf Lava Flow Mine
Those of you who have played the King of the Dwarves quest should already be aware of the Lava Flow Mine, a striking example of dwarven ingenuity that supplies power to the whole of the underground city of Keldagrim. If you’ve helped the dwarves with that little regal issue, the mine will soon become a new mid- to high-level (68+) area in which you can train the Mining skill.

Capes of Distinction
Kicking off the merry month of May will be some snazzy new capes.

Death Hats
The wildstalker helmet will track your Wilderness kills and the duellist’s cap your victorious duels, each morphing into ever more terrifying styles as you reach certain milestones. Both hats will give you the ability to transmogrify into a commemorative statue, upon which other players can behold your various PvP stats, and they’ll also let you perform a suitably fear-inducing emote.

Upgrades Week
One of the weeks in May will see a variety of minor updates, fixes and improvements, which have been compiled from some of players' most discussed issues on the forums.

Graphical Improvements
Two more areas of RuneScape are set for some visual overhauls in May. Draynor Village will be the first to be given a new lick of paint, and Rellekka will be jumping on the bandwagon towards the end of the month.

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