RuneScape hosts a bloodthirsty Valentine’s Day weekend

Jagex Games Studio, today announced a weekend of events to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

The community events will be set in the newly restored Wilderness player verses player arena of RuneScape.

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Kicking off the series of events will be the community’s biggest ever fight-a-thon – the RuneScape Valentine’s Day Massacre - running Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th February. During the fight-a-thon players will be creating their own death inducing events and clans will battle one another in the Player Killing Run In event to see which clan will be hailed victorious!

If you’d rather not take part in the bloodthirsty Massacre, then there are numerous other ways to get involved. Jagex are holding a marketplace themed event for players who prefer crafting or trading items, allowing entrepreneurial players to gain wealth by supplying the items needed for player verses player combat.

The community management team are also hosting a competition where players can guess the level of carnage throughout the Valentine’s weekend.

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