Roll n Rock has presented a interview with his game producer & lead designer, Phionax

Roll n Rock, the new browser-based casual MMO developed by EverDream Studio, has revealed recently some interesting info about the game, and today has released a interview with Phionax the game producer & lead designer.

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Hi, Phinoax! As the lead designer of this upcoming browser-based casual game Roll n Rock, you must very much look forward to its excellent performance, right?
Sure. We've spent a great deal of time and energy on this game, seeking to bring players the best possible gaming experience & casual competitive fun. All our developers indeed have great expectations on this game.

What inspired you to develop such a game?
At the time when we launched the Roll n Rock project, there were few browser-based competitive casual games or browser-based real-time combat games out there on the market. But in fact, such games are truly fun to play, so we challenged us to create a browser-based real-time competitive combat game.

Besides cute and adorable characters, the mascot in Roll n Rock is particularly arousing our interest. Can you introduce it to us briefly?
Apart from being integrated into the game logo, the mascot also serves as a newbie guide in Roll n Rock. With his help, players will easily pick up the game and attain mastery of combat skills in a short time. To promote the mascot and the game, we particularly held a forum event soliciting mascot name from players, which really brought players closer to us.

Have you encountered any idea bottlenecks during game development? How did you pull through? Anyhow, the game does boast lots of unique and fun elements.
Actually, we've adjusted our ideas quite a few times during game development. For instance, we were once inclined to divide players into two factions who will combat on 20-30 maps. But later we found it to be too crazy, since players will be separated into different maps and it will be difficult to enjoy combat gameplay. Therefore, we finally resorted to a comparatively conventional combat mode. There're a good many problems like this, and the only way to settle them is brainstorming within the whole team.

I heard that Roll n Rock introduces the creative concept of gravitational rotation, which has never been adopted by other same-type games. Is this one of the game's strong points?
Exactly speaking, two concepts, i.e. gravity and rotation, are involved. Specifically, gravity can cause rolling objects like stones to drop down when not being supported, and rotation will cause the game scene to rotate a certain degree.
Gravity-based games may be common in the current game market, but rotation is a novel concept. Particularly, gravity and rotation are integrated into tense, real-time combat, which sure will bring unique and marvelous gaming experience to the players.

Diversified game scenes and combat system are appealing to players and can be regarded as the most important selling point for such type of games. Believe you must have made considerable efforts in this aspect. So, how did you break away from the traditional mode?
In terms of combat scenes, we took pains to present the current map style resting on 10 kinds of common and classical terrains. In fact, Roll n Rock used to employ a top view which is inclined to show 2D scenes. For the sake of more lifelike scenes, the map was eventually revamped and switched to a 45 degree perspective. Moreover, we attached each kind of terrain with diversified ornamental & covering effects, just in order for players to enjoy a distinguishing gaming journey.

Items can be regarded as another highlight of Roll n Rock. Would you please shed some light in this regard?
The combat items in Roll n Rock are endowed with different functions, e.g. some items can teleport you to some place at random, some items can make you invisible, and some items can slow down all your opponents, etc. Rotation is a key feature of Roll n Rock, which will also be achieved through using items.
Using different items flexibly will increase the possibility of your beating down enemies and winning victory in combats.

Through your introduction, believe players may have more expectations on Roll n Rock. Thanks a lot for taking the interview!

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