Rock Hippo Productions Ltd has launched today a new update for MicroVolts

Rock Hippo Productions Ltd has launched today a new update for MicroVolts complete with celebratory Oktoberfest content, the brand-new Single Player Mode Invasion and a new map, the Hobby Shop .

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In the new Invasion mode the players will battle waves of drones as they come from all corners, however, conserving firepower is a must as ammunition is limited.

Celebrating the Oktoberfest, the players can raise a stein, snack on some pretzels and whack some enemies with a new melee weapon: “Feast on a Fork!”

Additionally, a new map is revealed: Hobby Shop. This new map is sure to have the shop owner scratching his head when he arrives in the morning.

“October is more than just pumpkins and costumes, it’s also time for old world celebrations and that’s just what we are offering in this unique Oktoberfest update,
” said Howard He, President and CEO of Rock Hippo Productions. “We think this is a great way to kick off the latest update and hope players get a real kick out of it too.”

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