Rock Hippo Productions has released a new update for Brawl Busters, named Brawl of the Dead

Rock Hippo Productions has published a new update for its multiplayer action-combat game, Brawl Busters, named Brawl of the Dead.

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Prepare for Zombie Infection! In this new mode, Demon Rock has been resurrected into one of the Busters and will stop at nothing to turn Mega City's population into Little Leaguers and Skulls. It's up to the Busters to stop this evil plan and prevail as they face a showdown like no other.

Brawl of the Dead will also feature Lethal Weapons Part Two, a collection of three new deadly arms for the remaining characters. The new combat tools are: Black Imp for Rocker, Tin Stovepipe for Slugger and Manometer for Blitzer.

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