RF Online rises from its ashes


RF Online, the PVP centric sci-fi MMORPG has been officially re-launched today after being taken over by a new puiblisher: GamesCampus.
Players will be able to enter once again in the RF Online game world where a permanent massive three-faction war is calling for them.
Starting from today and until November 6, 2012 a lot of cool events are just waiting for you on the new event server. The server will feature a huge exp and PT accrual boost (100%). This “Race to Level!” new event will put the players into competition to reach the highest level possible before the event ends. The best levelers will be rewarded with incredible prizes. During this run the players will also have a lot of prizes and surprises upon reaching specific levels on the new server.
Players who already have an old RF Online account can easily migrate it from the former host to the GameCampus network.



Source of information: GamesCampus press release.

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