RF Online 1.5 begins the registrations for its closed beta

RF Online has begun the registrations for the closed beta of its version 1.5. This closed beta will begin in the end of October / early November at the latest, and will bring more than 400 improvements and updates to the game, which will be released in Europe for first time.

GamesCampus has also launched a new teaser web of the game, that contains the application form for the closed beta, various artworks, screenshots and trailers as well as a forum, to prepare for the arrival of RF Online 1.5.

Participate in the beta gives players the chance to get rewards which they can use after official release. After the CBT, created characters will be wiped. 2-3 weeks after CBT end, the Open Beta will start and after some weeks directly turn into release status.

Source of information: press release from Gamescampus

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