Revelation Online Gets Ready for Closed Beta

Revelation Online is a breathtaking Massively Online Multiplayer
Revelation Online Gets Ready for Closed Beta


The first Closed Beta of free to play MMORPG Revelation Online in Europe and North America is planned for October, and the Founder packs guaranteeing access to the upcoming phase has just been announced.

There are three packs available, and all of them feature access to the Closed Beta, early access to the Open Beta, a title, a exclusive costume set, and some premium account subscription time.

The packs, particularly the Founder and Deluxe packs, bring some controversy. Those who decide to purchase them will receive some interesting scrolls that unlock additional presets of skills and atributes, and provide with temporary unlimited wings' durability and mounts' stamina and some experience bonuses.

Will Revelation Online be truly free to play? Time will tell.


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