The Return of Dark and Light


Snail Games has announced a new (or not so new) sandbox MMO at ChinaJoy 2016: Dark and Light. You might remember the game from 2006, when it was released, to very negative reviews. After a couple of terrible years, servers were shut down in 2008 but Snail Games kept working on it, and this sandbox is now back onto the scene, being expected to launch by the end of this year.

The game, as shown at ChinaJoy 2016, uses the UE4 engine and has been largely improved. In addition to the visual improvements, the lore has also been updated, setting a new tone between the dark and light forces. It now features more fantasy elements (it includes sorcerers and aliens) and a massive world that players will be able to explore.

Check out the teaser trailer and stay tuned for more information:

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One Comment - "The Return of Dark and Light"

  1. Alex848 August 9, 2016 at 10:03 AM -

    10 ans d’attente !
    10 ans que j’espéré qu’il revienne !
    Enfin le grand retour tant attendu !
    Dieu à entendu mes prières !
    God hear my prayers !!! 😀

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