The Reaper arrives to TERA: Rising

Tera Online Free-to-Play Ation Combat MMORPG Game
The Reaper arrives to TERA: Rising

En Masse Entertaintment has announced that on May 13, 2014 is going to celebrate the second anniversary of TERA: Rising, that will come with new content and activities, and a new class, the Reaper, a lethal swordsman armed with two deadly chained blades to bring the pain to all who cross her path, which offers offers a blend of mid-ranged and close combat options. To play as a Reaper, players must have a level 40 character and an open character slot on the same server as that level 40 character.

"TERA: Rising continues to deliver the best action MMO experience to our growing legion of players," said En Masse Entertainment Executive Producer Brian Knox. "To mark the two-year milestone for our flagship game, we are going to expand TERA: Rising's content by offering a brand new class-the reaper. This new class comes free and coupled with new content and activities that further enhance the world of TERA: Rising."

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Source of information: En Masse Entertaintment press release

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