Realm of the Titans presents the Gadgetmeister and announces its partnership with MOBAFIRE

Realm of the Titans presents the Gadgetmeister and announces its partnership with MOBAFIRE

Aeria Games, has released the latest Hero Showcase that presents its new hero, the Gadgetmeister, for its upcoming MOBA title Realm of the Titans.

Realm of the Titans is a Defense of the Ancients-inspired, highly competitive action strategy PvP game that pits two teams of five players head to head for control of a dynamic map.

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The latest video spotlights Gadgetmeister, a feisty melee hero with a seriously twisted sense of humor. Gadgetmeister boasts a sinister wooden box full of explosive goodies. He stalks across the map, and delights in deceitfully confusing enemies before ambushing them with bombs and lasers.

The Gadgetmeister have these mischievous skills:

Reflection – Spawns clone of enemy. Killing the clone damages the host. Lasts 18 seconds.
Force Field - Creates a force field at the target location. Units within the field are unable to leave and units outside the field are unable to enter.
Blinding Light - Fires a laser at the target. Causes damage and reduces the target's accuracy.
Time Bomb - Toss a time bomb at an enemy. The bomb can pass between enemies and allies if they get close to the person with the bomb on them. After a short duration, the bomb will explode and do damage to the player.

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Gadgetmeister’s Hero Showcase release coincides with the Beta launch of OmekaPrime. Aeria Games has partnered with MOBAFIRE to bring the RotT community an all new website geared specifically toward sharing and discussing your best strategies.

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