Realm of the Titans introduces the Flame Wing hero

Realm of the Titans introduces the Flame Wing hero

Aeria Games presents the second video in a series of character introductions leading up to the exciting Closed Beta release of our game Realm of the Titans. Getting to know each hero’s strengths and weaknesses is crucial to a strategic victory in Realm of the Titans.

This week we follow up our debut Hero Showcase of Samurai Spirit with an introduction to Flame Wing, the fiery, winged hunter. A chance encounter with a mystical, volcano-dwelling dragon granted Flame Wing the powerful gifts of a magical hunter’s bow and a pair of massive wings.

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Flame Wing is equipped with these unique skills:

Flame Wall - Shoots a volley of flaming arrows into the air that create a wall of fire where they land, slowing and damaging any enemy that passes through it.
Stunning Arrow - Stuns the enemy and reduces their physical defense. In addition, Flame Wing gains the vision of the enemy he hits afterwards for a brief period.
Burning Arrow - Shoots an arrow into the sky, and adds a bonus to his attack damage for 30 seconds.
Piercing Barrage – (Ultimate Skill) - Fires a barrage of arrows in a straight line. These arrows damage any enemy they pass through.

His prowess with the bow makes Flame Wing excellent at ranged attacks; however Flame Wing is somewhat vulnerable when it comes to close quarter combat.

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