Realm of the Titans has announced its alpha test

Realm of the Titans has announced its alpha test

Aeria Games, announced today the Alpha Test for its latest MOBA title Realm of the Titans (ROTT).
The Alpha Test aims to collect feedback from a handpicked group of seasoned MOBA players and will take place over two short phases during the month of April.

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Prospective players can find the Alpha Test application and other important details on ROTT’s Official Forums. Applications must be received no later than March 28th. Selected players will be notified via email and will receive a very exclusive sneak peek into one of the most highly anticipated new games of the growing MOBA genre.

Realm of the Titans’ Alpha Test will include:

* Full Hero Roster – All playable heroes will be available for preview. Some heroes will be locked, but can be purchased with the small amount of game currency provided to Alpha Testers.
* Key Feature Testing –Alpha Testers will preview rich, smooth graphics, cutting-edge AI, and an enhanced matchmaking system. Valuable feedback may be incorporated into the game prior ROTT’s commercial release!
* MOBA / DotA Gamers – The bulk of participants will be selected based on their familiarity with the MOBA genre and will be encouraged to fill out an in-depth survey at the Alpha Test’s conclusion.

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