Rappelz Spanish starts its Open Beta

Gpotato.com begins the open beta for their fantasy MMORPG Rappelz in Spanish. This will be the second game released for gPotato’s Spanish portal.

Starting today May 26th, 2011 with the latest expansion, Epic 7.2: Dimensions, the players can defeat ferocious monsters, gather and train an array of battle pets, and enhance their characters with powerful armor sets.

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To celebrate the launching of open beta, Rappelz Spanish will host a variety of events and give out amazing prizes:

Free items coupon! – We are teaming up with special partner websites to give out exclusive coupon codes for free items. Players just have to visit the websites to get their free code.
Worldwide Buff! – The whole server will have the opportunity to be buffed during this event. Players will be able to level up faster and automatically get better stats for a limited time.
Race to 100! – It’s a race to be the best of the class. The first person to reach level 100 in their class will get a bundle of rare items.

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