Rappelz is going to celebrate its 5th anniversary starting some events

Rappelz is celebrating its 5th anniversary starting a series of five events for two weeks, beginning with a video contest and a +55% EXP boost that lasts until October 5.

The boost is twice the size of past EXP events, an unprecedented increase that will help players both new and old race through the skill tree to find the strongest character build.

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In addition Rappelz invites the players to share what makes their pets so special in the Pet Appreciation contest. Participants have until October 28 to submit a short video of their pet in action. Winners in three categories will receive top-notch Astro A40 gaming headsets with speaker-quality sound and onea-kind custom Rappelz tags. One grand prize winner will get an upgrade to the unbeatable A40 Wireless System and a bonus 5,000 gPotato award.

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This is just the beginning of the ramp up to November 2, the day Rappelz officially launched as one of the first fully-featured, free-to-play games for the West. Since then, the game has seen 7 major content updates and now features over 650 quests, 15 classes, and of course, 25 of its signature pets. Players can tame the monster they choose, from the humble Tortus to the noble White Dragon, and train it to fight beside them with a variety of unique skills.

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