Rappelz’s new expansion is now live

Dimensions, the second part of the Epic VII expansion for the fantasy MMORPG Rappelz, is now live. Dimensions adds new content and features, taking players further into storyline of the Veiled Island and the Vault of Lies.

The new Rank 6 Dungeon, built in between dimension to keep the Church’s experiments hidden, does little to bury their bad deeds. Indeed, the mysteries of the Church are shattered as Fanatics fight against players, aided by their new friend--a mishap of a secret demonic experiment.
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In addition to unraveling the mysteries of the Kaian Queen trapped under ice, players will also be able to obtain a version of Ice Maiden as a pet. Dimensions also introduces a new Pet Stable System which allows players to leave their pets in the care of a well-trained keeper that will tend to pets and also help them level up, while their owner is away.

Part 2 of Epic 7 will also introduce spectacular new armor sets and an updated user interface with which to organize them.
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