Raiderz has released a new trailer that gives a a thrilling insight into the world of the game

RaiderZ, the newly announced title of Frogster, has released a new trailer, in which the gigantic dragon ‘Sorena’ is rudely awakened from his slumber, gives gamers a thrilling insight into the world of RaiderZ.

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RaiderZ features an unconventional non-targeting combat system where players have direct control over their characters in battle, a departure from traditional point-and-click MMOs. Players will be able to choose between six unique character specialisations that they must use to take down monsters roaming around the expansive world. These enemies possess a great deal of physical strength and intelligence and only with a solid battle strategy, a great deal of precision and some sly off-the-cuff manoeuvres will players survive to see their foes drawing their final breath.

“With RaiderZ, we have licensed a game that will make a serious splash in the MMO market. The graphics, the combat system and the numerous epic monsters are only a few of the qualities that make this game so special, setting RaiderZ apart from the usual fare”, said Daniel Ullrich, CMO and Manager of Frogster, adding, “We will work together closely with MAIET and bring all of our experience to the table in order to achieve the best possible result for the players. We’re looking forward to an exciting and successful future with the developers.”

Joongpil ‘Venister’ Cho, CEO of MAIET, also shared his enthusiasm about the future collaboration: “We have high hopes for RaiderZ, and given Frogster’s proven success within the MMO genre, we are confident that RaiderZ will be a success when it arrives in Europe next year.”

RaiderZ is currently slated to appear towards the end of 2012 as a free download available throughout Europe, initially in the languages English, German and French.

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