Queen Pandora in Shaiya

Queen Pandora in Shaiya
Queen Pandora in Shaiya

Gamigo announces that with today’s update, ‘Queen Pandora arrives’ in fantasy MMOPRG Shaiya and players must protect Teos.

A new danger arises, when Pandora, the Queen of the Abyss, and her three knights invade the Desert Spa and the Void. Players will go on a five-step quest ​ to obtain items needed to craft the remaining bracelet from the Eternal Jewelry and thus achieve the final synergy.

But this thrilling new task isn’t the only new content for Shaiya! Today's update also introduces the start of a new Token System, a remodeled in-game economy. Players can find the NPC Fassade in Boltagate, who has a new quest available every day. The reward for completing the daily quest is a new Copper Token that can be spent in the new item store located in the vicinity of Fassade.

The gates to Boltagate were opened in Shaiya earlier in September. This new capital city provides players with new possibilities and fast travel to the places they desire to go. Boltagate enables players to find player shops and auction house boards, trade directly with their friends and trading partners, to go directly to Oblivio Insulae, their Guild House, the Service Center, or even join the FFA event, all from one place.

The update also contains various quality-of-life improvements like the new Lapis exclusive for weapons and fixed texts and textures.

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Source of information: Gamigo press release Shaiya

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