Project W, Bluehole’s Next MMORPG

Project W, Bluehole's Next MMORPG


Bluehole is working on a new AAA MMORPG project that will be published in North America and Europe by Kakao Games. Code-named Project W, it will be the new game from the studio that brought us TERA. Hyung-Jun Kim, former Chief Art Director at NCSOFT, is the Project Director.

“I am thrilled to be working with Bluehole, one of the best blockbuster PC online game developers in the industry,” said Kye-Hyun Cho, Kakao Games CEO. “I see this event not only as a major cornerstone in our global expansion, but as an opportunity for both parties to grow.”

Gang-Seok Kim, Bluehole CEO, said, “What has deeply resonated with me was the strong will of Kakao Games to take the lead in the global market by discovering and securing competent titles.” Gang-Seok Kim also added that he would “pour out every resource there is to make a product that surpasses anyone’s expectations for an MMORPG.”

Very little is known at this point, but stay tuned.



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