Prius Online has opened the Item Shop

GPotato, has announced the opening of the Prius Online Item Shop today June 15th.

With the addition of the Item Shop players will gain access to previously unseen items, exclusive mounts, and gorgeous costumes. Whether it be protecting one’s gear from a notorious PK’er, or traveling in style with an adorably dressed Anima, the Item Shop will be the place to go.

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Alongside the release players who log in to Prius Online between June 15th and June 19th will receive a free Leaf of Oblivion, this rare and powerful item is able to undo everything learned in an instant. The Leaf of Oblivion will reset all Skill Points for a single character, allowing players to learn from their mistakes and make their Adventurer the best it can be.

Prius Online offers:

· Seven unique races with a total of 21 classes, each with their own abilities and roles.
· PVP that incorporates a Bounty Hunter system, providing players the means to hunt the most notorious players, as well as a team based Coliseum
· The expansive power of the Gigas, an ancient force left behind by the Gods themselves, whose unrivaled strength and capacity for destruction will be yours.
· The Anima, a companion and friend who will fight alongside even during the hardest of battles.
· Expansive lands to explore and conquer as you become a part of Prius’ epic story.

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